Screen Printing

One of our main services is traditional silkscreen printing.  We use modern machinery and top quality screen printing consumables to ensure your prints come out looking great.  

What it is: Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a mesh stencil or "screen" to transfer ink onto garments. Ink is pulled through the screen and on to the garment before being set.

What you need to know: Screenprinting gives a great quality, long-lasting print. Most garments can be printed but you cannot print over zips or seams. The process is very cost effect for large runs but can be a bit costly for small runs or designs with many colours. We recommend a minimum of 12 garments are needed to make screenprinting worthwhile. Designs can be up to eight colours (up to 4 colours is recommended) and can be up to A3 (297 x 420mm) in size.

Set-up: It is quite a process to make a screen. Every colour for a design requires a seperate screen so a set-up cost may apply per colour, but we'll try and give you an all-inclusive price.

Pricing: Price is dependent on the quantity of garments being printed and number of colours used. If you are printing bright colours onto dark garments you may also need a white undercoat and this counts as an extra colour.

Screen Printing Design Process