Our story

Konstruct was started in Dunedin in 2006 by three mates who wanted to offer top quality garments to customers and the best customer service experience possible.

Everything we do here at Konstruct is underpinned by a few fundamental laws which drive us to succeed.

As part of our ethic, we like to think that what we do is much more than putting some ink onto garments. We create identity through emotional connections. Don't understand what this means? Have a look through your t-shirt draw and try and throw away even one tee... hard isn't it?!  Branded garments embody an experience or event and that's why, for instance, a t-shirt from an event is so much more than just a shirt and some ink - it's often the only memory someone takes away.

Like it or not, your clothes express you. We love nothing better than helping create this identity so you can be who you want to be.

We live, breath and eat POSITIVITY and make work FUN
We make it EASY for you
We are all about QUALITY
We strive for constant IMPROVEMENT
We're PRAGMATIC; we fix it, learn from it, and move on
We give over the top SERVICE